3 Jul 17, 14:40
:Lindi: Greetings Friend. Love your site. Was here a long time ago. Still a fan and always will be. Much love!
9 Jul 14, 00:22
:sally: HelloooO!
17 Apr 13, 16:08
:lilly: i love this sight!!!!!!!
8 Jan 13, 21:44
:ariah: Thank you for the plug Isi! :hug: and a belated Happy New Year to you as well!
8 Jan 13, 21:44
:Isi: Well done to ariah over at the The Golden Wood (see Sister sites) Lovely new layout and new wallpapers. Yay! :)
1 Jan 13, 19:44
:Isi: Happy New Year all xx :grouphug:
7 Nov 12, 16:44
:Lady Rohan: How are u? I'm giving my site a facelift and I'm just checking to see if all my affiliates sites are still online. :)
14 Sep 11, 03:50
:Lady Rohan: Just checking in on my affiliates to see how they are doing.
25 Jul 11, 12:59
:Josselyn: Hi! I am the webmistress of Frodo Forever and I would love to be your affiliate. I put your link up under pending affiliates and if you link me back I will take you out of pending and add you to the regular affiliates. Thanks!
18 Sep 09, 19:14
:JF: Hey there! Hope you had a good summer! Maybe your next poll could be favourite Elvish word or something? I know I have a few I like to say. :-)
4 Sep 09, 15:50
:maria: hi, your site is so lovely!love the layout!
28 Jun 09, 10:32
:PiRaTe GiRl: Hii! Just stopping by to say hello. :)
13 Apr 09, 08:31
:Pennsuleien: Happy Easter everyone!
12 Apr 09, 21:55
:JF: Hey Isi! Hope you have been keeping well. Just thought I'd drop in and say "hi". :hug:
25 Mar 09, 16:55
:Isi: Hi Clarett, sorry I've neglected the place again *sigh* my bad. Nice to see you though :) Frododan, I'd love to affie, I'll contact you. :)
21 Mar 09, 02:53
:Frodofan: This is a beautiful site! Would you consider affiliating?
7 Mar 09, 17:52
:Pennsuleien: Hi Clarett :)
26 Jan 09, 05:28
:Claudia: Hey Isi! Thank you for answer.I hope i see more of Legolas.Many Luck for your Site !!!!
25 Jan 09, 18:17
:Isi: Hi Claudia, nice to see you here. Sorry calendar is late. I need a new registration code from software maker but haven't had a reply yet. I'll have to think of something else, it's almost the end of Jan already!
24 Jan 09, 08:48
:Claudia: Hi Your Site is wonderful,i miss Legolas Calender 2009,the Wallpaper of him so great.I hope isee a new Calender of him. Thank you

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