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Ariah without whom this site wouldn't be here in this form. Her time, suggestions, corrections, advice, coding assistance and tutorials (not to forget beta-testing) have helped me out of many a tight spot, though I value even more her friendship and moral support.

Pennsuleien who finally won me over to php and explained it so that even I could understand. Her encouragement and sense of humour when I most need them are unceasing. Her advice and assistance are greatly appreciated, her friendship even more so.

Certain affiliates, especially Morri and Morgan for their ongoing humour, support and much more. Banshee (my first site sister) and Seren.

Celebrian for incredimail images.

Aradia and Morri (a different Morri) for site mascots.

Master Parker for Haldir/Galadrim banner and wallpaper.

Thanks to Ned and Leny of the Theban Band for 'Swoon' manip, used with permission.

Background brushes (Swoon) by Celestial Star and Misplaced Moments.

Tagboard smilies from Mazeguy and Nevrast (Elrond amended from Arwen smiley).

This site is made with the assistance of:

Paint Shop Pro 6 and 9, Acehtml Webeditor, Notepad and coffee/Redbush tea/chocolate.

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