About White Arrows

About the site

This site originally came about from 2 interests: in learning more about website building - html coding etc - and in The Lord Of The Rings, a favourite story I first read many years ago.

On talking to an intenet friend about making a website, she said "why not Lord of the Rings?" I didn't fancy trying to cover the entire story and with plenty of other sites popping up we decided to concentrate on a couple of favourite, though relatively minor, characters. They had to be Elves of course. There's just something about them...their timelessness and often tragic history. If you're a fan of the book/films you'll know what I mean.

After much debate the title White Arrows of Lórien was settled on. It was inspired by the trading card by Decipher.

It was part of a scene in the film Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring, where Galadriel gives each of the Fellowship a parting gift as they prepare to leave. Legolas receives a new bow. In the book he is also given a new "quiver of arrows", but in the film version he is also given dozens of them all wrapped in bundles.

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